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Our story began in Asia where we became Five-star cooks in our native cuisine. We were a family business then and we are a family business now. In 2001, we brought our family recipes and traditions to Nederland, Colorado where the Katmandu Restaurant was operated by our family until 2007, at which time we opened a restaurant in Evergreen. Now, we are honored to open Beau Thai, a wonderful Thai restaurant in the beautiful town of Evergreen, Colorado. Our Thai restaurant is influenced by Indian Gourmet.

The Thai food you will experience at Beau Thai Restaurant has a host of unique and delicious ingredients that are not found in other cuisines. It balances the flavors of salty, sour, spicy and sweet in a way that's hard to describe without tasting it. Experience the freshness of fragrant herbs such as lemon grass with the pungency of nam pla (a salty liquid made from fermented fish). It heats you with chilies and soothes you with coconut milk. It makes your taste buds explode with such delicacies as Chiang Mai spicy sausages, seafood soup, red curry, green papaya salad - oh wow! I bet you are getting hungry!

Our Thai restaurant serves authentic Thai food at our new location in Evergreen, Colorado. We sincerely hope you enjoy our creations and service, from our family to yours. Please come and enjoy Thai cuisine from the other side of the world at our Thai restaurant in Evergreen, CO.

We are excited to announce that on February 27, 2018, we opened a 2nd Beau Thai location, Beau Thai II restaurant in Castle Rock, CO.

Anita and Yubraj

Beau Thai Restaurant, Evergreen, Colorado

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